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Posted on: February 8, 2012 12:53 pm

Peyton Manning Belongs in Denver

Tim Tebow fans won't like it, but true Broncos fans have to be intrigued at the idea of Peyton Manning coming to Denver if he's medically cleared to play.  It would be the second time the Colts' saw their first pick QB go to the Mile High City.  Last time John Elway sealed it with back to back Super Bowl Championships.

Peyton Manning would have a great offensive line to protect him with Ryan Clady actually being back to protecting a QB's blindside again.  Outside Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker lead a young receiving core.  Broncos fans wouldn't have to watch Tebow struggle through another season of tons of ugly offensive football.  It's the only QB option the Broncos have for next year that wouldn't cause a QB controversy, as everyone, except the extremely disturbed, would see Peyton as the clear number one.

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 3:55 pm

How Long Will Tebow Time Last?

Tim Tebow was an enormous NFL star before he took a single snap for the Broncos.  A two time champion at Florida with a Heisman Trophy to boot, not to mention an enormous following of fans of his faith.  Ultimately the Tebow story is an enigma.  Tim is a winner because the Broncos are winning with Tebow as their signal caller.  All the fans that swear up and down that they always knew Tim was a winner are right.

Tim is also a frequent disappointment during long stretches where the offense doesn't do much of anything.  Tim doesn't "look" like an NFL QB.  He doesn't have sweet footwork and mechanics that can drop passes on receivers all over the field in stride.  That obviously doesn't bother Tim's devout fans.  These same fans don't understand where Boomer Esiason and Merril Hoge and the many other for players turned commentators are coming from with their criticisms of Tim.  Maybe the answer is in analyzing the list of QB's that have won Super Bowls, particularly multiple Super Bowls, in recent years:

2011 - Aaron Rodgers
2010 - Drew Brees
2009 - Ben Roethlisberger
2008 - Eli Manning
2007 - Peyton Manning
2006 - Ben Roethlisberger
2005 - Tom Brady
2004 - Tom Brady
2003 - Brad Johnson
2002 - Tom Brady
2001 - Trent Dilfer
2000 - Kurt Warner
1999 - John Elway
1998 - John Elway
1997 - Brett Favre
1996 - Troy Aikman
1995 - Steve Young
1994 - Troy Aikman
1993 - Troy Aikman
1992 - Mark Rypien

Championship teams in the NFL have almost exclusively had talented drop back pocket quarterbacks.  People might think the Broncos can get there with conservative mistake free football from Tebow and defense, but that is a really challenging road.  As good as the Ravens 2001 and Bucs 2003 defenses were, they each had one Super Bowl shot that they pulled off with non-Hall of Fame caliber QBs.  The QB position is truly the most important in all of sports and Tebow misses way too many passes right now, and I'm not talking about the drops that are an issue too.  The Broncos are feasting on teams with offensive issues right now, but ultimately Tim won't be the long term solution unless he makes vast improvements in consistency.  The Broncos cannot continue to lead the league in three and outs and expect for games to stay close enough for a 4th quarter comeback each week.

A lot of Tebow critics have started to back-pedal.  The results on the scoreboard have them wondering if this is a viable way to build a champion.  Well, the Broncos were 6 and 0 just two years ago just in time to turn some heads that snapped back the other way as the season tanked.  Where does this leave the Broncos?  Well Tim is on the second year of a five year deal in Denver, so the Broncos certainly don't need to up to a huge contract right now and get stuck in a Michael Vick, Kevin Kolb, Matt Cassel, or Ryan Fitzpatrick mess.  The Broncos can stay the course with Tebow as long as he's winning and hopefully improving.  Draft picks or free agency signings for a Rob Gronkowski style tight end, a WR, a running back, and some support for the defensive secondary would be a good plan.  If a talented young QB is available well after the first round then you draft him and put him in competition for the Broncos future QB.  Even with the nice record as a starter this year, the Broncos need to leave their options open.  The John Elway era is off to a nice start as Von Miller looks better by the week, Champ Bailey continues to make plays, Elvis Dumervil is actually on the field to play and the offensive line is opening up holes for Willis McGahee to gash defenses.

At the end of the day, Tebow and Broncos fans have had a lot to cheer about over this run.  Tebow critics should recognize the great contributions he's made.  The low number of turnovers have kept the Broncos in the game and Tim has clutched up in a big way at the end of games.  Tebow lovers should also recognize that the Broncos management is trying to win Super Bowl.  Tim doesn't look a thing like the last 20 years of NFL Super Bowl Champion QB's.  That's a concern, becuase great pocket QB play isn't a trend its a law.  If anyone can break the modern laws of football it would probably be Timothy Richard, but the Broncos need to be prepared to move on if this experiment blows up.  The real answer is, Tebow time will last as long as W's keep going up in the record sheets.

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